• Laborer (part-time) GC17-3207
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    This position requires light to heavy manual labor and involves working in all types of weather conditions. Must be able to safely use common hand tools, garden/yard equipment, and various power tools. Must have a valid Georgia Driver’s License and High School diploma or equivalent.

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  • Water Well Trust Seeks Low Income Households for a new water well or rehabilitation of an existing water well.
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    Funds are still available for low-interest loans to eligible individual households for a new water well or rehabilitation of an existing water well. WWT limits funding to a maximum of $11,000 per household. Loans have an interest rate of 1% with terms of up to 20 years.

    To qualify for a WWT loan, applicants must be the owner and occupant of the home as their primary residence. In addition, the applicant’s household income must not exceed 100% of the median non-metropolitan household income for the state in which the applicant resides. The 2016 Non-Metropolitan median household income for Georgia is $45,300.The income criteria apply to both the applicant and all other occupants of the home.

    Prospective applicants can download the application form and instruction letter from the Water Well Trust website at waterwelltrust.org/apply or call 202-625-4383 for more information.


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    In conjunction with Jones County Emergency Management Agency and state and local partners, next week (February 6-10) will be recognized by the state of Georgia as Severe Weather Preparedness Week.

    In light of the devastating outbreak that affected the southern half of the state on January 21-22, a larger number of Georgians have now witnessed the incredible power/impacts severe weather can bring to this state/region.  Let us use this preparedness week as a reminder to everyone, of just how dangerous severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, lightning, and even flash flooding, can be across this state, and the Southeast region.

    Specific topics and days through the week are as follows:

    Monday, February 6: Family Preparedness (including NWR and Wireless Emergency Alerts).

    Tuesday, February 7: Thunderstorm Safety (large hail/damaging wind)

    Wednesday, February 8: Tornado Safety **including statewide Tornado Drill at 9AM EST**

    Thursday, February 9: Lightning Safety.

    Friday, February 10: Flash Flooding/Flood Safety.

    Thank you for all your continued support.
    AUTH:  DRG600


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  • Vehicle Mechanic (full-time) PW17-2904
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    Must have thorough knowledge of methods, tools and techniques used for inspection, troubleshooting, repair, rebuild of light and heavy-duty automotive and road maintenance equipment. Thorough knowledge of welding, cutting and brazing practices and processes. High School diploma or equivalent, completion of automotive mechanical courses, 3-5 years’ experience as an automotive mechanic or equivalent combination of training and experience. Valid Georgia Driver’s License required, Commercial Driver’s License preferred.

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