Jones County Youth track and Field Board is still having signups.  Below are the dates of the last two days to sign up your athlete.

    Location:               Morris Bank Recreation Complex  (Upper Concession Building)

    Time:                     10:00 am – 2:00 pm

    Dates:                     Saturdays    Jan 12th & Jan 19th


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  • Commissioner Work Session about Lake Jonesco Golf Course
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    Attention to all Jones County Golfers the Commissioners are having a work session on
    Oct. 2nd at 5:30 pm.
    Location will be at the Jones County Gov. Center Commissioner Meeting room.
    Everyone is invited to come and discuss Lake Jonesco Golf Course with the Commissioners and express any thoughts, ideas, or concerns about the Course.

    Thank you,
    Matt Goins

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    FALL SEASON 2018


    What is Jones County Soccer?

    Jones County Soccer is a recreational intramural soccer program for boys and girls ages 4 to 16.  It is designed to promote fun, fellowship and instruction in the game of soccer.


    Where and When will games and practices be held?

    All Jones County Soccer games and practices will be held at the Jones County Recreation Center. All games and practices will ONLY be played on Tuesdays and Thursdays. (Occasionally due to number of teams, there may be a need for a Saturday morning game, you will know this in advance from your coach.) The season lasts approximately 9 weeks.  The first date will be THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 6 for team placements.  Times will be announced and will vary by age.


    What if my child is inexperienced at soccer?

    No problem! This is an instructional and recreational league, particularly in the younger age groups.  The game of soccer is a simple game and it will be taught in its simplest form.  The primary goal is for each child to have fun.


    How will the teams be organized?

    Teams will be composed of approximately 8 to 10 players. All teams will be made up of children from the same age group; split as follows (may change due to number of children registered):

    Ages 4 & 5            Boys & Girls

    Ages 6 & 7            Boys & Girls

    Ages 8 – 10            Boys & Girls

    Ages 11 – 12         Boys & Girls

    Ages 13 – 16         Boys & Girls


    Who will coach each team?

    This is where we need adult volunteers.  Please sign up on the registration form to volunteer.  No prior soccer experience is needed.  We are always in need of helpers of any kind in order to continue this program and to keep it growing.  We could not do this without our wonderful volunteers!


    How do I register?

    Fill out the attached form and either leave it at Dr. Kelleher’s Chiropractic Office or you can mail it to PO BOX 2320, Gray, GA 31032.  Registration will be until August 17. There is limited space available per age group.  Registration will be closed out for each age group once its maximum number has been reached which could happen before August 17.


    What is the cost?

    The cost for a child to participate in Jones County Soccer is $100 per child.  Sorry no discount for additional siblings.  This fee includes a jersey, shorts and socks.  Samples sizes available to try on.  Also included in the fee are a trophy, coach’s gift, player gift and refreshments at the end of the season party.  No refunds will be made after August 17.  Make checks payable to Jones County Soccer.


    What other equipment will each participant need to play?

    All players are required to wear shin guards and soccer cleats for practice and games and are the player’s responsibility.  Also needed per player is a soccer ball.  Sizes 3 for ages 4-5, Size 5 for ages 6-16.  These can be purchased at nearly any sports shop for a relatively small expense.  Bring water with you to drink for each practice or game.  There will be a Concession Stand open.


    How may I obtain more information?

    Any questions about soccer or to find out if soccer practice or game has been canceled due to weather please call 478-986-6444 or www.jonescountysoccer.org.  You can also visit us on Facebook at Jones County Soccer.  Cancellations will be on the voicemail and website.  More than not the game is on!

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  • JCYFL Youth Football Signups
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    JCYFL Nation…the time is almost upon us and we are preparing for our upcoming season.  Having said that, our sign up dates are listed below.  Please be on the look out for our signs out and about in Gray/Jones Co.  Also please share and let everyone know.  If you have any questions, please feel free to send a message or email jcyfl2.0@gmail.com


    Sign Up Dates:

    Tuesday’s, 6P.M.-8P.M.

    July 24th/31; August 7th

    Thursday’s, 6P.M.-8P.M.

    July 26th; August 2nd/9th

    Saturday’s**, 9A.M.-Noon

    August 4th/11th

    **Note, WILL NOT have signups on any Saturday in July.


    Football Player Prices:

    1st Child-$125

    2nd Child-$115

    3rd Child-$100


    Cheer $80.00, must be within the ages of 5-12. Can move and can cheer with a sibling in any league regardless of age.


    ~Cash and CC only, NO CHECKS.

    If paying with a credit card a processing fee of $5.00 per transaction will be added.


    Child MUST be present at time of registration, MUST have copy of Birth Certificate these are NOT kept on file.


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  • Parks/Rec and BOE Summer Feeding Program
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    Summer Feeding Program

    location:  Wells Elementary School

    June 4th – July 27th          Monday – Thursday  11:00 am – 1:00 pm

    We will be taking off the week of July

    Below is the Bus route that will be picking up kids.   All kids are welcome to come to Wells Elementary School.


    Bus Routes:       June 4-July 27
    SEAMLESS Summer Meals
    Wells Elementary School
    10:50 to 11:45
    Route 1 Pick up Pick up spots Drop off
    10:25 Baker Acre Mobile Home Park 12:10
    10:30 Emerald Mobile Home Park 12:05
    10:38 Kingsview/ Champion 12:03
    10:40 Champion/Kingsview 12:00
    10:42 Stonewall/Confederate 11:58
    10:45 Confederate/Rebel 11:55
    11:45 to 12:45
    Route 2 Pick up Pick up spots Drop off
    11:00 Fox Road/Hollow Dr 12:35
    11:05 Largo / Robbie Dr 12:40
    11:08 Largo/ Traci Dr 12:42
    11:15 Jones Acre Mobile Home Park 12:45
    11:18 East Virginia Ave/ Sage 12:50
    11:20 Avalon / Tanner Ter 12:55
    11:25 Hickroy Ridge/Timothy Cir 1:00
    11:30 Hinton MHP 1:10
    11:32 Herndon MHP 1:05
    11:38 Jones Crossing stops will be at: 12:25
    Parker /Mattie Wells
    12:45 to 1:30
    Route 3 Pick up Pick up spots Drop off
    12:15 New Clinton/ Bramble Ln 2:00
    12:18 SunValley/ Coral Way 1:58
    12:20 Neptune Way/Neptune Ct 1:56
    12:22 New Clinton/Adahi and Alton 1:55
    12:25 Bethune Dr/ McCrary Dr 1:52
    12:28 Bethune Dr/ Starlight 1:49
    12:30 Ruby Dr./ Woodall 1:48
    12:32 Ruby /Joycliff 1:45
    Bus schedule may be slightly delay by 5-10 minutes. slightly delayed by 5-10 minutes.
    Questions or concerns, please call the School Nutrition Office at 478-986-1390


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