• Water Well Trust Seeks Low Income Households for a new water well or rehabilitation of an existing water well.
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    Funds are still available for low-interest loans to eligible individual households for a new water well or rehabilitation of an existing water well. WWT limits funding to a maximum of $11,000 per household. Loans have an interest rate of 1% with terms of up to 20 years.

    To qualify for a WWT loan, applicants must be the owner and occupant of the home as their primary residence. In addition, the applicant’s household income must not exceed 100% of the median non-metropolitan household income for the state in which the applicant resides. The 2016 Non-Metropolitan median household income for Georgia is $45,300.The income criteria apply to both the applicant and all other occupants of the home.

    Prospective applicants can download the application form and instruction letter from the Water Well Trust website at or call 202-625-4383 for more information.


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  • Jones County Board of Commissioners Celebrate Prescription Savings Success
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    The Coast2Coast Rx Card program has saved residents $194,819.79 dollars on their prescriptions since the launch of the Coast2Coast Rx Card. The program launched in July 2012 with the endorsement of the Jones County Board of Commissioners.

    “The Jones County Board of Commissioners is very pleased to have approved distribution of the Coast2Coast Rx Free Discount Prescription Card to assist Jones County residents with the cost of their prescription medications,” said Preston Hawkins, Chairman of the Jones County Board of Commissioners. “ We believe that this card will offer savings to our residents that are not insured, underinsured, or who have plans that do not cover a certain drug. In the 42 months that this Free Prescription Card has been offered, our citizens using the card have saved 71.2% on their prescriptions.”

    The free discount prescription card program provides residents and their families with a number of benefits that produce immediate discounts on prescriptions as well as dental, vision, veterinary and hearing services. The discount card also offers discounts on various lab and imaging services; diabetes supplies and equipment as well as pet prescriptions. Not only does the Coast2Coast Rx program facilitate discounts on healthcare resources for Jones County residents and their families — the program provides a royalty of $1.25 per prescription for Jones County public programs.

    “We are pleased to work with Jones County, which prides itself on providing programs that enrich the lives of its residents, in assisting its families with beneficial discounts on health related needs. It is of utmost importance to the Jones County Board of Commissioners and the Coast2Coast Rx program to help those in need of obtaining prescriptions and other health care related services,” said Martin Dettelbach, Chief Marketing Officer of the Coast2Coast Rx program. He added, “We look forward to continuing and growing our relationship with Jones County and maintaining savings on health services for Jones County families.”

    The Coast2Coast Rx card allows all consumers, regardless of income, age, or health status to participate in the program and save on the cost of their medications. The program has saved cardholders throughout the nation an average of 65% in 2015 on the cost of prescription drugs. The Rx card is distributed free of charge and may be used at all pharmacy chains and most independent pharmacies in Florida and includes over 60,000 drugs in its formulary.

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  • We Welcome You
    We Welcome You
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    In today’s fast-paced and bustling society, it may seem impossible to find a place that offers both tranquility and excitement within the same area. Jones County, in Middle Georgia, is such a place, offering businesses, families, and retirees an endearing and affordable lifestyle.

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  • Keep Jones Beautiful
    Keep Jones Beautiful
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    The Keep Jones Beautiful Commission was started in 1978 by Carol Brittain. Under her direction, it won two National First Place awards which were presented to the KJB Commission in Washington, D. C. In 1981 Carol Brittain received the Professional Leadership Award which was one of the four awards presented in the United States. The award was presented in Washington, D. C. There were several first place awards received on the state level by Commission Directors, Carol M. Brittain and Tammy Seabolt Brittain. Awards were received based on the submission of a detailed account of all of the events and program accomplishments sponsored by the Commission for the year.

    KJB is a local affiliate of Keep America Beautiful, Inc. and Keep Georgia Beautiful, Inc. which are under the umbrella of the Department of Community Affairs. They strive to educate the public on the importance of preserving, cleaning and beautifying the environment with one of the goals to be litter free. Emphasis is placed on the importance of recycling and proper waste disposal.

    Volunteers from throughout the county serve on a commission/board dedicated to beautification projects and educational programs designed to improve our community and promote awareness of environmental issues. Partnerships have been formed with the schools as well as civic organizations, churches, scouts, residential neighborhoods, the business community, and law enforcement.

    Examples of the success of this program are seen throughout the community including Carol’s Park, seasonal decorations, day lily beds along the railroad tracks, and the planting of trees and flower beds in several public areas and government buildings.

    There were numerous grants received under the direction of Tammy Brittain and Carol Brittain. Carol Brittain received grants to initiate the County’s first recycling centers and earned an outstanding reputation for Jones County throughout the state in our innovative leadership in this area. Tammy Brittain received the first Scrap Tire Management grant which was used to begin the Environmental Code Enforcement Program. This program still continues although all state funding has been eliminated. Tiffany Whorton is the County’s Code Enforcement Officer. Grants have sponsored a wide variety of things from the purchase of playground equipment and timbers enclosing the area made from recycled tires to oil recycling stations at several recycling centers.

    The office is open part time and is located at the Jones County Civic Center in downtown Gray.

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  • Jones County History
    Jones County History
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    Carrie Williams
    Jones County Historian

    Jones County is rich in history and natural beauty. Originally inhabited by the Creek Indians, Jones County was part of the frontier settlement when it was partitioned from neighboring Baldwin County on December 10, 1807. Named for James Jones, a prominent Savannah attorney, Georgia legislator and United States Congressman, Jones County sat on Georgia’s southwestern border, at that time the Ocmulgee River.

    The original county seat of Clinton was one of the fastest growing centers of trade and culture in Georgia. It was a bustling town known for commerce and gracious living and the site of a factory of manufacturing cotton gins.

    Although the county prospered into the 1860’s, the Civil War had a profound effect on the county. Many of the county’s sons, homes, churches, schools, and even entire towns were lost to the war effort. Union troops burned the town of Griswoldville to stop the manufacture of Confederate pistols. Blountsville also suffered great losses during the War, and eventually disappeared.

    Moving into the twentieth century, the city of Gray became the county seat in 1905, and the city began to thrive with commercial and retail establishments. Gray is supported by excellent rail and highway access. Now a mixture of the old and the new flourish in the county which is dotted with small, quaint communities: Round Oak, Griswoldville, Haddock, Wayside, Bradley, East Juliette, James, and Clinton. Each of these communities is unique and rich in history, offering a glimpse of what life has been like in Georgia over the last two hundred years, and all are important to Jones County’s heritage.

    The renovated Jones County Courthouse, which was built in 1905, is located in Gray and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Another of the numerous sites of historic significance is the former Jones County High School facility, which was designed by female architect Ellamae League (1899 – 1991) and constructed in 1936. This facility has been renovated as the Jones County Civic Center, which houses the Jones County/Gray Chamber of Commerce, the Development Authority of Jones County, the Keep Jones Beautiful Commission, the Jones County Boys and Girls Club, Central Georgia Technical College, the Jones County Auditorium, the Family Connection office, and other meeting area for public and civic purposes as determined by the five-member county commission.

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  • Visit Carol’s Park
    Visit Carol’s Park
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    Located adjacent to the Jones County Courthouse in downtown Gray, this park offers picnic tables, benches and a gazebo. This park was named for Carol Moss Brittain upon her retirement as the Clean Community Coordinator after 18 years of service. She designed and over saw the development of the park. This park provides a quaint, romantic setting for outdoor weddings and is the perfect place for family picnics.

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  • CDL Driver (full-time) x2 PW17-12321
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    This position involves working in all types of weather conditions operating trucks of varied sizes and types for the purpose of hauling aggregate, rock, dirt pipe trash, tree trimmings and similar materials and equipment. Assist in loading and unloading trucks and performing daily preventive maintenance. Must have high school diploma or equivalent and valid Georgia CDL Driver’s License. Applications are available at the Government Center or on-line at


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  • Pro-Shop Attendant – Golf Course (part-time) GC17-2306
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    The Jones County Board of Commissioners is accepting applications for a part-time Pro-Shop Attendant. Candidate must have good communication skills, knowledge of Microsoft word/excel, High School diploma or equivalent, valid Georgia driver’s license. Applications are available at the Government Center or on-line at


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  • Equipment Operator III (full-time) PW17-12321
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    The Jones County Board of Commissioners is accepting applications for a Equipment Operator III. Candidate will perform work in all types of weather conditions. Must have the ability to perform work of routine difficulty in the operation of dump trucks, front end loaders, powered machinery, and tractors. Candidate must be in good physical condition and have the ability to perform preventative maintenance of equipment. Must be 18 years of age, have a valid Georgia driver’s license and High School diploma or equivalent. Applications are available at the Government Center or on-line at


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  • Administrative Assistant (full-time) AD17 00201
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    This position requires ability to perform a variety of routine clerical and administrative duties using good judgement in the application of policies and procedures. Candidate will perform under the general supervision of the County Administrator but is expected to periodically work independently without direct supervision. Must be 18 years of age, have a valid Georgia driver’s license and High School diploma or equivalent, preferably supplemented by some college/vocational/technical level courses. Applications are available at the Government Center or on-line at


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    ******ATTENTION PARENTS*********
    Basketball Sign ups are here the following are the dates for the sign ups. They will be held at the GOV Center Gym off of Hwy 11. Please bring Birth Certificate and money.
    Oct 26th 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
    Oct 28th 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
    Nov 2nd 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
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  • Planning & Zoning District IV Board Appointment Opening
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    Jones County is accepting applications for consideration for the voluntary appointment to the Planning and Zoning Board representing District IV with a renewal appointment date of January 1, 2018.

    The Duties of the Planning and Zoning Commission are to conduct public hearings and make recommendations to the Board of Commissioners concerning rezoning and conditional uses, and to make final decisions for new subdivisions within the County. This Board meets once a month, usually on the third Monday of each month at the Jones County Government Center. Board members are appointed for 5 year terms and are appointed by the Board of Commissioners.

    Board application and the policy for Board Members can be found at under Boards and Authorities under the Government Heading. District map can be found under Board of Commissioners under the Government Heading. Application can be submitted in person to the Administration Office at the Government Center or via fax to 478-986-6008. Application should be submitted by November 27, 2017 for consideration for this position.

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  • 2018 Dodge Chargers
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    The Jones County Board of Commissioners is accepting sealed bids for six (6) 2018 Dodge Chargers for the Sheriff’s Department. Sealed bids will be accepted until 10:30AM on Tuesday, October 31, 2017 when they will be opened and read aloud in the Government Center Conference Room. Please contact Shannon Wagner via e-mail at to receive a bid package.

     The Jones County Board of Commissioners reserves the right to accept or reject any and all bids, to waive minor irregularities or to select the bid that is in the best interest of the Jones County Board of Commissioners.


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  • Jones County Board of Commissioners seeking approximately 2 acres of land
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    The Jones County Board of Commissioners is searching for approximately 2 acres of land located in close proximity (approximately within 5 miles) of the Convenience Center currently located on Highway 18 East (1587 Ga. Hwy 18 East). If you have property that you would like to be considered, please give Jason Rizner, County Administrator a call at 478-986-8119.


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  • Current 2017 Tax Digest & 5 Year History
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    The Jones County Board of Commissioners, do hereby announce that the millage rate will be set at a meeting to be held at the Jones County Government Center, 166 Industrial Blvd,  on August 30, 2017 at  6:00 PM, and pursuant to the requirements of O.C.G.A. 48-5-32, do hereby publish the following presentation of the current year’s tax digest along with the history of the tax digest and levy for the past five years.

    Current 2017 Tax Digest & 5 Year History of Levy

    County Incorporated 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
    Real & Personal 98,253,240 95,414,516 89,919,427 88,893,509 90,535,823 93,927,198
    Motor Vehicles 6,528,110 6,528,110 5,608,980 3,913,570 3,913,570 2,146,730
    Mobile Homes 91,488 91,488 79,272 75,780                  58,256             56,093
    Timber 100% 0 0 0 0 0 0
    Heavy Duty Equipment 0 0 0 0 0 0
    Gross Digest 104,872,838 102,034,114 95,607,679 92,882,859 94,507,649 96,130,021
    Less M&O Exemptions 4,745,661 4,896,204 4,069,814 4,062,651 4,227,401 4,338,681
    Net M&O Digest 100,127,177 97,137,910 91,537,865 88,820,208 90,280,248 91,791,340
    State Forest Land Assistance Grant Value 0 0 0 0 0 0
    Adjusted Net M&O Digest 100,127,177 97,137,910 91,537,865 88,820,208 90,280,248 91,791,340
    Gross M&O Millage 18.060 17.684 17.295 20.067 20.027 20.013
    Less Rollbacks 2.940 2.890 2.396 2.418 2.378 2.364
    Net M&O Millage 15.120 14.794 14.899 17.649 17.649 17.649
    Net Taxes Levied 1,513,923 1,437,058 1,363,823 1,567,588 1,593,356 1,620,025
    County Unincorporated 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
    Real & Personal 664,357,378 663,514,747 664,394,857 668,876,589 672,353,766 679,575,634
    Motor Vehicles 67,764,140 67,764,140 59,692,870 45,088,830 45,088,830 27,420,040
    Mobile Homes 4,878,089 4,608,132 4,464,843 4,269,130 3,392,980 3,535,357
    Timber 100% 2,791,840 3,465,347 4,237,021 2,210,289 2,579,250 2,710,340
    Heavy Duty Equipment 48,040 188,009 873,720 457,024 1,223,940 1,122,179
    Gross Digest 739,839,487 739,540,375 733,663,311 720,901,862 724,638,766 714,363,550
    Less M&O Exemptions 146,035,974 145,411,580 145,492,633 146,820,825 150,267,329 149,328,138
    Net M&O Digest 593,803,513 594,128,795 588,170,678 574,081,037 574,371,437 565,035,412
    State Forest Land Assistance Grant Value 7,995,896 8,940,360 10,864,891 11,357,561 15,577,208 19,182,304
    Adjusted Net M&O Digest 601,799,409 603,069,155 599,035,569 585,438,598 589,948,645 584,217,716
    Gross M&O Millage 18.060 18.134 17.776 20.703 20.835 20.990
    Less Rollbacks 4.430 4.730 4.329 4.506 4.638 4.793
    Net M&O Millage 13.630 13.404 13.447 16.197 16.197 16.197
    Net Taxes Levied 8,202,526 8,083,539 8,055,231 9,482,349 9,555,398 9,462,574
    Total County Wide 2012 2013 2014 2015 2,016 2,017
    Total County Value 701,926,586 700,207,065 690,573,434 674,258,806 680,228,893 676,009,056
    Total County Taxes Levied 9,716,449 9,520,597 9,419,054 11,049,937 11,148,754 11,082,599
    Net Levy $ Increase 24,695 -195,852 -101,543 1,630,883 98,817 (66,155)
    Net Taxes % Increase 0.25 -2.01 -1.07 17.31 0.89 -0.59
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