Jones County Department of Fire Rescue vision is to keep our community safe and healthy by providing the best fire, rescue, emergency medical service, and Emergency Management by utilizing volunteer resources.


The mission of the Jones County Department of Fire Rescue is to protect lives, property, and the environment by providing a safe, efficient, and effective emergency response provided by skilled, motivated, and compassionate volunteer service providers representing Jones County.  Providing a comprehensive and aggressive all-hazards approach to Homeland Security and disaster initiatives by mitigating, preparing, and recovering to help reduce the impact of natural and man-made events.

Our Jones County Department of Fire Rescue providers will:

  • Deliver services to our citizens with impartiality and excellence.
  • Promote the highest standards of safety and welfare.
  • Serve with integrity and mutual respect.
  • Recognize the importance of diversity of our workforce and communities.
  • Be responsible for the honor of our profession and public service.
  • Promote equity and harmony among other service providers within our jurisdiction.
  • Maintain and promote open honest communication, creativity, and competence.
  • Be accountable and ethical.
  • Continuously improve public confidence and trust.


With Winter Weather Preparedness Week and the holidays right around the corner, I wanted to share some FEMA resources that you may find helpful. Feel free to customize them as you see fit!   Winter Weather Social Media Toolkit:   Winter Storm Playbook:   When the Sky Turns Gray (animated video):  …

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September is National Preparedness Month (ATLANTA) – September is National Preparedness Month, and Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency is working with Jones County Emergency Management Agency along with other Emergency Management Agencies to ensure citizens across the state are preparing themselves and their families for natural and man-made disasters. Throughout the month, GEMA/HS is encouraging all…

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Beginning next week (Monday, February 5), with support from our state emergency management partners (GEMA), Jones County will recognize Severe Weather Preparedness Week with the state of Georgia.  Each day (through Friday, Feb 9) will address a specific severe weather safety/preparedness topic.  As many of you know, the potential of experiencing severe weather, including tornadoes, across the Southeast…

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September is National Preparedness Month, and the JONES COUNTY EMA is advising Jones County to get ready for all man-made and natural disasters.   Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Ready America campaign, National Preparedness Month was founded after 9/11 to increase awareness and encourage action for emergency preparedness nationwide.   “National Preparedness…

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Flood Safety Preparedness

Next week (March 14-18) is Flood Safety Preparedness Week for the state of Georgia.  Based on a 30-year average (1985-2014), more people are killed from flooding/flash flooding then any other weather hazard and we continue to see the devastating impacts of Flooding/Flash Flooding can have on people across the country. NWS Peachtree City/Atlanta is detailing…

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Spring is quickly approaching, bringing volatile weather and an increased potential for severe thunderstorms and tornadoes. Tornadoes are Georgia’s number one weather-related killer, and it’s important to be prepared for the unexpected. Get ready now — identify where you will take shelter during a storm, download the Ready Georgia mobile app to receive weather alerts,…

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Are you Ready for an Emergency? (ATLANTA) – Governor Nathan Deal, in collaboration with the Georgia Emergency Management Agency/Homeland Security and the National Weather Service, looks to refresh, remind and educate Georgians about the seasonal threats from severe weather during Severe Weather Preparedness Week (Feb. 1-5). “Georgia began the year with torrential rains and flash…

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Blazing Heat Grips Jones County

With heat index readings reaching over 104° this week, here are some precautions and emergency procedures pertaining to heat related injuries. First, the best defense is prevention. •Drink more fluids (nonalcoholic), regardless of your activity level. Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink. Warning: If your doctor generally limits the amount of fluid you drink…

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Smoke Detectors Available

PRESS RELEASE Junes 5, 2015 Free Smoke Detectors Available Jones County Department of Fire Rescue   Most people don’t realize that fire claims nearly 4,000 lives a year across the United States.  More than 75% of these deaths occur in the homes where we live.  Recent studies indicate that smoke alarms are present in 46%…

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