Morris Bank Recreation complex and South Recreation Complex Hwy 49

Jones County Parks and Recreation does not allow pets or farm animals in our Recreation Sports Complexes.  These animals cause tension and risk and to children running and playing.  The potential of pet waste (feces) is a problem for families with young children and infants learning to walk.

Persons with ADA certified Service Animals have permission to enter with their animal. These animals have to follow and adhere to the ADA Service Animal policy and guidelines.


ADA Service Animal Guidelines Link



Community Passive Parks Pet Policy

Jones County Parks and Recreation does allow household pets in our Passive Parks.  

These animals must be controlled by owner either through lease or harness.  They are not allowed to run free within the park.  Pet owners are responsible for the cleanup after their animal.  Pet clean up stations are located within these parks for your convenience.  Any pet owner found not adhering to this policy will be asked to leave the park with their pet.



Piedmont Dog Park (where a dog can be a dog)

This family friend park is designed for household dogs of all sizes and abilities. This is where you are allowed to let your dog run free and just be a dog. Dog owners are asked to obey the rules posted at the park.  If these rules are not being adhered to the owners will be asked to leave with their dog.