Morris Bank Recreation Complex The Morris Bank Recreation Complex located on 146 Recreation Road off of Hwy 18 East it is 88 acres of recreation space for many outdoor activities.  There are 17 ballfields, 6 batting cages, 1 basketball court, 2 tennis courts, and 2 playgrounds for community use. There are also 4 sets of restrooms and 4 pavilions located around the complex.

South Complex The South Recreation Complex located at 436 GA-49 directly off of State Highway 49 just across the Jones County / Bibb County line. This park contains many 8 fields for baseball and softball as well as a football field on 36.37 acres of land. There are 2 batting cages6 restrooms and 1 pavilion which can be rented out for gatherings.

Liberty Park Sitting on 11.50 acres of land, Liberty Park, located at 3683 Upper River Rd is a  great place for both children and adults alike. There is a playground for children to play and a walking track with lots green space for many family activities such as volleyball, flying a kite, and many more.  There also two pavilions which can be rented out and used for gatherings.

Piedmont Dog Park – Located beside the Government Center on 166 Industrial Boulevard just off of Hwy 11 towards Monticello. The Piedmont Dog Park is a 1.5 acre area of land which includes a walking track, two pavilions, two restrooms, and a fenced in section for your dogs to run freely around and play or you can even use the area to train your dogs on the obstacle courses. There are also water stations and pet waste stations for you and your animal’s convenience.

Mattie Wells Community Center / ParkWith 29.50 acres of land, the Mattie Wells Community Center and Park encompasses both a large outdoor area and an indoor recreational gym used for basketball. This Community Center is located next to Mattie Wells Elementary School at 101 Mattie Wells Drive.

Haddock Community Park – Located on Peachtree St. this is a 3 acre park that offers playgrounds, pavilions, a walking track, and lots of green space for children to run and play.

Haddock Ball Park – The Haddock Ballpark is a 14.86 acre park located at the end of Peachtree Street. It has one ball field which is used for baseball and softball activities or just for fun. This space can be used for church groups, civic groups, or anyone who wants to enjoy an outdoor experience.

Government Center Gym – The Government Center Gym is located directly behind the Government Center on 166 Industrial Boulevard. Inside the building there is a recreational gym used for recreation basketball and a connected wellness center with various types of gym equipment for all your needs.

Knox Center Auditorium – The Knox Civic Center located at 161 W Clinton St, contains an auditorium and many conference rooms which can be rented out and used for community plays, community meetings, and even occasional fundraisers.

Jonesco Clubhouse – The Jonesco Clubhouse is located at the front of Lake Jonesco Golf Course at 834 GA-22. It can be rented out to use for birthdays, baby showers, committee meetings, or any other social gathering you can think of. It has a large open front room and plenty of restrooms.